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ACGG Organization Highlight: Triad International Ballet

Pointe shoes
Pointe shoes

A young child sits huddled in the corner of a studio, their gleaming eyes tracing the steps of a dancer leaping across the floor. Captivated, a part of them stirs and decides that they will one day fill those shoes. Little do they realize in that moment that their life is on the cusp of change.

Triad International Ballet (TIB) is a local professional dance company born out of Artistic Motion School of Arts dedicated to preserving and protecting classic ballet repertoire. This journey began when founders Natalya, Alexia, and Lynn recognized a disheartening truth: their talented students were compelled to leave the area in search of professional dance opportunities. After years of dedication and training, they had no local ballet company, with this particular focus, to call home.

It was in addressing this situation that TIB took flight, fostering a culture of grace and respect. It became a sanctuary for professional artists yearning for a career rooted in their community.

Grish Zakyan
"Grish" (Grigor Zakyan), TIB Principal Dancer. Photograph by Andrew Bowen Studios.

TIB’s heart beats with the community, integrated and dedicated to giving back. In partnership with the Greensboro YMCA and East Greensboro NOW, and supported by The ACGG’s Grassroots grant, students ranging from pre-school to teens will be provided with ballet training at the studios of Artistic Motion, subsidized by TIB, and will perform in the 2024 Triad International Ballet Nutcracker, reflecting their community outreach program in Winston-Salem last year.

“We need to develop these programs and make them accessible”, says Natalya Davison, founder of the company and a dance teacher. “It’s our responsibility. It takes a village to raise an artist. It takes a village to raise the awareness of art in a community”. Natalya Davison

Ballet class at YMCA in Winston Salem
Winston22 Initiative brought free ballet classes to the children of community in Winston-Salem.

For many of these young talents, the Nutcracker stage is their first taste of the limelight. The values taught within the studio transcend dance; they instill life’s essential soft skills, empowering these youngsters to conquer life’s inevitable challenges. The ripple effect extends to their families, who are welcomed with open arms, receiving free tickets to performances, and thus, broadening the accessibility of ballet throughout Greater Greensboro.

“You never know if there is someone out there whose life might be changed forever due to ballet”, expresses Alexia Maas. “They won’t know until they’ve lived that experience”. Alexia Maas

This is why Triad International Ballet stands resolute, determined to unite the community through the power of the arts.

Triad International Ballet proves that the most profound transformations often begin with a single, inspiring moment. In that studio corner, a young heart stirred and dared to dream. And thanks to TIB, that dream is now a reality for many more to embrace.

To learn more about the Triad International Ballet and their upcoming events, you can visit their website.

To find out more about TIB’s upcoming Celebration Gala and Reception on November 11, you can visit The ACGG’s Event Calendar.

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