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Triad International Ballet is a non-profit organization with a huge heart, a spirit of artistic excellence and a vision to bring about societal changes to the world of ballet.


Our reasons for being are to:

  • Create a stable and worthy employment environment for dancers, recognizing their extreme skill and lifelong dedication to their art;

  • Make ballet accessible to students of all ages and all backgrounds (regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs or socio-economic status) through community outreach programs and full/partial scholarships to our vocational training programs;

  • Foster a culture of respect and grace in all that we do;

  • Preserve the history and traditions of classical ballet;

  • Make the Piedmont Triad Area a center of excellence for ballet, attracting top talent (local, national and international), and raising the profile of the Piedmont Triad Area on the world’s stage through international exchange programs and performance tours in which will we share the extraordinary talent of the Triad with the world.


Through all this, we give back to the cities and communities we make our home. We are not just here to perform for you. We are here with you every day, helping you grow and driving the sustainable development of the arts and the socio-economic growth of our communities.

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