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frequently asked questions

  • When is your first performance?
    Our current plan is that our inaugural performance season will start in the Fall next year so we are aiming towards a first major production run around October/November 2022. That said, we may well engage in some smaller scale performances between now and then as part of our “launch year” activities. Follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter to keep track of upcoming events.
  • Where will you perform?
    As our purpose is to serve the Piedmont Triad Area as a whole, our plan is to run equal numbers of performances in each of Greensboro, Winston Salem and High Point throughout our annual performing season. We also intend to develop a national and international touring program in the future. Touring is expected to begin within our first three years.
  • When are the first auditions?
    Although our first season is not planned until the Fall of next year (2022), our current plan is to hold initial rounds of auditions during the Spring & early Summer 2022.
  • How do I get involved?
    Following our launch on October 1st and mid month World Ballet Day celebrations, we will be making portals available on our website for dancers and students to register their interest to audition for the Company and the School. We will also have a place to register your interest to be kept informed about our activities as well as any interest you have to volunteer, share your skills and expertise or otherwise support the organization.
  • What are "Open Classes" ?"
    Open classes are open to everyone and do not require auditions to attend. Open classes are offered year round through Artistic Motion. Classes are offered for all levels and all ages. Click here for the current schedule of classes or visit for more information.
  • Why do swans love North Carolina?
    We don't know the exact reason but believe they must have a special affinity for this beautiful part of the country - much like we humans do. What we do know is that around 75,000 Tundra swans migrate here every winter - more than any other Eastern State by far! According to NC Wildlife, the numbers have been increasing year upon year over the past 40 years - probably because they tell their friends :-)
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