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Dex Davison

Chairman of the Board and Director of Drama

Dex Davison

Dex Davison, Chairman of the Board and Director of Drama

Dex Davison has deep roots here in the Triad, having lived here since 1986.  He graduated high school from Greensboro Day School and thereafter attained his Degree from Davidson College.   Dex then embarked on a career in education, which has spanned almost 30 years in both private and public education both in the States and overseas.  At the beginning of that career, he found himself teaching English Literature at the SAAS Marina School in Moscow, Russia where he met an amazingly talented and beautiful Armenian ballerina and, somehow, he convinced her to marry him and move back to the Triad.  The rest, as they say, is history and we are all truly blessed that Dex & Natalya came here to Greensboro and built the foundations upon which Triad International Ballet now stands tall.

Dex is certified in Special Education K-12 and has specialized in teaching mathematics to students with a variety of learning differences, including learning disabilities, attention disorders, autism, and behavioral disabilities.   He is beginning his 18th year teaching at Southwest Guilford High School.  In addition to being an educator, Dex has spent his life on stage, growing up with his father being a professional opera singer, and performing in his first role at the age of two.  He has performed in countless plays, including local productions in the Triad such as “An O’Henry Celebration:  Stories and Songs”, and has served as the Director of Drama for Artistic Motion for over 20 years.  During that time, he has written and performed in dozens of dramatic productions – the unique and pioneering concept of a living libretto - which accompanies the ballets produced by Artistic Motion School of Arts and now Triad International Ballet.  While education is his vocation, and theatre his passion, his true raison d’être is his talented family, artists all, whom he is blessed to live and create with.

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